12 Days of Summer – Day 10

Marrakesh Washi Tape

We think this Washi tape needs no introduction, but just in case you want some more info…

Not only does this Washi tape feature a traditional Moroccan tile pattern in our beautiful colour palette, it also contains gold foil accents to really make it pop off your pages!

Pair it with the skinny Washi tape to really give your journal spreads a luxurious golden sparkle!

Day 10 – Make a Secret Pocket!

Using your A6 envelopes, (You did keep them all, right??) and your new Washi tape, follow the steps in Jo’s video below to create a secret pocket in your journal.

Use it to store personal notes, a list of gift ideas, receipts, or anything else you want to keep hidden from prying eyes!

(TOP TIP – Try writing your goals from day 3 along with a positive note to your future self, seal it in the pocket, and then read it at the end of the year!)

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