12 Days of Summer – Day 1

It’s time to start counting down the 12 Days of Summer!

Marrakesh Font Stencil (Upper Case)

We know you all love a font stencil, and the font we chose for the Marrakesh designs was a no-brainer!

A classic serif font with beautiful embellishments, it’s perfect for adding headers to your summer spreads, as well as creating quote and cover pages!

Along with your 12 new stationery items, there will be 12 journaling activities to help you count down to Midsummer’s Day – The mid-point of the year!

Day 1 – Create a Cover Page!

Your first activity is to create a cover page in your journal using your new Marrakesh upper-case font stencil!

This will act as the starting point for all of your 12 Days of Summer journaling activities.

(Top Tip! – Save all the envelopes from your box, as we will use these later on!)

Don’t forget to share your journal spreads in the dedicated 12 Days of Summer Facebook group (Password: magiccarpet)

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